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Ashwaganda Root Powder

Blacks Surefit
  • Convenience Pack 56.7g - Reg. $0.56/day 
  • 11.34kg Tub - $0.42/day

Blacks SUREFIT equine conditioner is a high fat-based supplement to condition your horse, add stamina, and give coat luster and bloom. Designed to be fed as a top dressing. This feed contains no added selenium.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min.) 11.0% Crude Fat (min.) 18.0% Crude Fat (max.) 34.0% Crude Fibre (max.) 6.5% Calcium (actual) 0.92% Vitamin E (min.) 900 IU/Kg Vitamin B12 (min.) 1,200 ug/Kg

Ingredients: Rice bran, flaxseeds ground, hydrogenated vegetable oil, corn distillers grains with solubles dehydrated, soybean meal, diamond v xp yeast (reg.# 990206), calcium carbonate, soya oil, vitamin E, vitamin B12                 


  • 3g dosage specific to IR cases 
  • Yeast based chromium


Equine Choice Gen 2
  • Check out the new and improved - reformulated

Equine Choice Gen 2


Equine Choice ensures absorption of starches, proteins, minerals and nutrients in the stomach and small intestine. It further ensures consistent PH in the hind gut, the cecum, and large and small colon for fermentation of fibre and roughage ingredients, and re-absorption of water.

It's a complex route, but with Equine Choice a part of your regular feeding management you can be assured increased appetite, healthy bacteria, protein utilization, starch utilization, fibre digestion and performance


Equine Revolution Treatment Concentrate 500ml

Harnesses the strong synergy between collagen peptides adn aminoglycans such as glucosamine and chondroitin.

Active ingredients target the sites where tissues have been damaged.  This allows a regeneration process based on teh animals own metabolism.

Medicinal ingredients per 60ml:

Hydrolyzed collagen   10000mg

Glucosamine                3000mg

MSM                             3000mg

Chondroitin                    1000mg

Proprietary Blend          1600mg (HA, Vitamin C, L-Lysine, Cupric                                                            sulfate, zinc chelate).

No known side effects or interactions.


Aids in reducing joint pain, and maintain healthy joints.

Equinety Amino Acid Supplement - 600g

Revolutionary amino acid supplement

Improves muscle support for strength and recovery

Stronger collagen for healthier coat and bones

Maximize performance with cell regeneration

Calmer and more focused

Less stressed and faster recovery


Genesis Organic Horse Feed

Genesis is made iwth human grade ingredients, and does not contian molasses, animal by products, soy or GMO, and is free of chemicals.  

It contains organic Oats, organic hulless barley, organic peas, organic flax seed meal, organic whole flax and a natural supplement.

This is a custom feed.  Please allow one week for local delivery.


Golden Horseshoe Duoflex
  • Convenience Pack 25g - Reg. $1.54/day 

Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin supplement in a powder form for horses. Each 25g contains 5250 mg of Glucosamine HCl and 2100 mg of Chondroitin.

Hoffman 10% BalancI.R Pellet (11% NSC)

 Hoffman's BalancI.R is designed to be fed with low NSC forage to horses sensitive to higher levels of sugars and starches.  

Formulated specifically for horses with Insulin Resistance to keep IR horses performing longer.

One of the lowest NSC feeds available to Canadian dealers - with no compromise on quality of ingredients.  

Consistently formulated at an 11% NSC level and a starch content as less than 2%

Balanced Vitamin and minerals needed for optimal mental and physical health.

Protein                 10%

Fat                           3%

Fibre                      30%

If you would like to request a program formulation specific to your needs please contact us.

Prices are picked up.  We offer delivery to some areas for $1/bag - 10 bag minimum.

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